About Studio Jari

Studio J A R I (pronounced as "JAH-RHEE") is a New York-based design studio, established to explore possible poetic interventions in the space. J A R I  's specialties are ranging from interior design, home décor and event styling projects. We design residential, store, restaurant and office design in any scale. 

The name “J A R I ” is drawn from a Korean word, "자리," which means "space" or "trace".

The two founders, Seyeon Jeong and Jeehyun Kim, who were born in Seoul met each other in New York City while studying interior design at Pratt Institute and loved each other's passion for creating truthful spaces and authentic experiences.

J A R I focuses on creating experiential and atmospheric interventions for the spaces in people's everyday lives, inspired by everyday sights by engaging visual and tactile qualities. 

With backgrounds in marketing and communications, the founders of JARI curates and introduces artisanal pieces of JARI's selected partners from NYC and Seoul.