Upper west side residence


Nestled in a beautiful block just a few steps away from the Central Park in NYC, this pre-war apartment is the first dwelling for a newly wed couple to begin their first home. As the architecture itself already had a beautiful character itself, Studio J A R I created a neutral palette with twists by layering a variety of materialities and colors in order to bring the personality of the couples into the space while celebrating the classical beauty of the building.
We created an inviting living space while keeping everything in simple and clean by mixing and matching various materials. 
The main color theme of the living room is green on walnut, layered with natural colors made out of natural materials.
From the view from the living room, the color theme is changed to the various shades of grey. In the dining room, open to the living room, has a grey gradient backdrop, creating a subtle and elegant mood.
The greeneries are contained inside the monochromatic planters on various heights rhythmically giving vibrancy to the foyer to the kitchen.
The master bedroom where the couple put efforts to express their taste has the most vibrant color palette through the marriage of industrial and bohemian styles.
The guest bedroom is brightened up with light sky-blue wallpapers coupled with cute details.

Photography by Lauren Coleman