TV Stand, CONCEPT, 2017
Metal, Wood Veneer, Frosted Glass, LED Lights

Home is the sanctuary where we take a break from the stress from work, recharge every day, and the TVs are at the heart of the place. This stand can expand the breadth and depth of our healing experience at home.

Although people look at the computer screens and smartphones all day to take advantage of the convenience of technology, they appreciate the importance of keeping their unique values and are willing to maintain their private rituals.

They visit their routine coffee roasting house, select the beans with the scent, hand-grind the coffee beans to serve a cup of coffee and take a walk in their neighborhoods sipping the coffee.

JARI has designed PROMENADE from the idea that those rituals can also be applied to watching TVs, inspired by the sunlight seeping through the trees and pouring over the ground. The wooden fins surround and cover the central metal structure of the stand, which illuminates diffused lights.  

When turning on and off the TV, the diffused light from the center will project on and permeate through the surfaces of the surrounding fins, thereby replicating the serene natural rays through the branches of trees. The light is bright enough to leave rich impressions on us; yet subtle and short enough to avoid interruption with our main experience with the TV.

The soothing light diffused from the stand when turning on and off the TV creates a sensual and tactile atmosphere around it.  It is a moment to pause, breathe, and relax.